Sunday, March 09, 2014


For Fathers Day, my Dad wants to see The Book of Mormon. No ties, no fancy meals, no Aramis cologne. In years past, I usually take my Mom to see a show, but she also wants something different, so I'm in the process of arranging that. But I digress....

The Book of Mormon tickets are not easy to come by, but the local Performing Arts Center emailed an early promotion for tickets. So on Friday morning, after my seemingly endless round of conference calls, I tried purchasing tickets online only to discover that the Center's site was down due to he influx of buyers. And forget about the phones: too much traffic shut them down. I waited 15 minutes and tried the online method again, and much to my surprise, I managed to reach the seat selector. I even found the perfect seats: orchestra on an aisle that didn't have many stairs. So I reserved them and clicked the checkout button...which then asked me to login. To do that, however, I needed to reset my password...which I did with the sad result of erasing my ticket reservation and telling me that they were sold out of the promo tickets.

Slightly daunted, that led to this morning, waking up early to reach the box office before it opened at 10 am. I thought that perhaps a few people would be waiting, too. But I was not expecting to stand in line for 3 hours. I seriously didn't think that so many people would show for tickets, so I waited patiently, chatting with other folks in line and reading 60 pages in my Bret Harte short story collection.

But I have tickets, and Fathers Day is set!!!

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Ur-spo said...

I would have a stroke if my father wanted a theatre ticket