Tuesday, March 04, 2014


For the past two weeks, my little fitbit has been tucked away in my pocket while I go about the day: up and down the stairs, walking around the neighborhood, a few trips to the theater. When I first bought the device, I weighed in at 211.5 lbs. As of this morning, I tip the scale at 208.5. Three pounds! While a small start, it's still a good start. To add to my step count, I vary my walking routes during lunches, trying streets and sidewalks I'd only driven by before. And with the fitbit site and app, I keep track of my meals, the amount of water I drink, the many steps I take and the calories burned.

So yes, I am happy with the hi-tech pedometer so far. My goal is to reach 195 by June. Keep those fingers crossed!

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simpleandgayforward said...

My experience (and that of many others I'm sure)is that when we lose too much especially in the beginning, we tend to burn out, because the effort is too much to maintain over time. So small starts are definitely good starts. Slow and steady, as they say. Best of luck!