Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Reality Bytes

Caesar and I enjoy watching TV, but over the passed few years, I've noticed that very little of what we watch is of the pre-scripted variety. Of course, we watch New Girl, The Mindy Project, and of course Once Upon a Time, Dr. Who, Adventure Time with Finn & Jake, and The Walking Dead. A few other shows creep in occasionally, and yet...we spend more time watching reality-based shows. I'm addicted to Ghost Adventures. The paranormal experiences are great, as is learning the history of the places the team visits, and it's quite an experience watching those three in action. Caesar and I both watch RuPaul's Drag Race, it's companion show Untucked, Face Off on Syfy, Dancing with the Stars, The Amazing Race, the home improvement shows, Pit Boss, Chopped, Top Chef, and now, Splash. (Why on Earth are we watching that last one?!)

The majority of scripted shows feel like re-hashes of other shows, and how many police-doctor-lawyer procedurals do we really need?


John Gray said...

What are your thoughts on the final few episodes of TWD
I am interested to hear what you think

Greg said...

Clear, in which Rick "reunites" with Morgan, is probably my favorite of the season so far. Rick seems to finally snap back to reality after seeing Morgan fall farther into despair. And, of course, the episode made me like Michonne even more. Just not to sure about the cat she wanted....

Arrow on the Doorpost was intriguing, watching the two leaders size each other up. I wanted Rick to pull his gun and shoot the Governor before the sly devil could open his mouth. I doubt Rick will give up Michonne, but the episode does a great job making you believe that he just might do it.

Prey was intense, and I loved that it focus solely on Woodbury. And Milton FINALLY acknowledges what's happening with the Governor. The Govenor's capture of Andrea at the end was a bit clich├ęd, and I doubt he won't do anything to her. I HOPE he doesn't do anything to her. Why can't Michonne just swoop in and poke out his other eye?

I'm now wondering what's going to happen next season. This one focused on the Governor and Woodbury, what happens when that's over? Can they sustain the momentum into another season?