Monday, March 04, 2013

Once Upon a Sunday

As if Friday weren't enough, we returned to Paley Fest on Sunday ... this time for the "Once Upon a Time" panel discussion. A very different crowd from Friday night -- more women and gay men, not many dressed as their favorite characters or zombies. A few did wear "Evil Regals" t-shirts showing their support for Regina, the Evil Queen. It reminded me of walking around Disneyland weaving my way through the crowds wearing anything and everything Disney.

For this panel, we sat much closer to the stage which allowed for better viewing of the cast and crew -- and the extra special treat of watching that night's entire episode on a movie screen along with the first 10 minutes of next week's. Afterwards, most of the main cast walked out on stage with the two creators of the show. It was an interesting panel, but I felt the creators talked the most, not really giving the actors a chance to talk about their characters and their impressions about what was going to happen with them. In fact, the moderator seemed more interested with the creators than the cast, forgetting that Colin O'Donoghue (who plays Captain Hook) was even there.

Still, we both enjoyed just being there. I do wish Caesar had been able to ask his question about who Emma would choose for a late-night booty call: Hook, the Huntsman or Baelfire....


SEAN said...

Colin can hook me any time and Mr. Gennifer Goodwin charmed the pants off me long ago.

This is my favorite show. Yes, much more so then The Walking Dead.

SEAN said...

BTW - i hate you! ;)