Friday, January 04, 2013

Epic Finish

I finally finished Epic Mickey -- two years after starting the game and almost 7 months after frustration forced me to move on to other games. I collected 76 pins, completed most of the missions and side missions, discovered all the missing parts of the mechanical characters hidden throughout the various lands, and defeated the Blot! I'm a bit disappointed that the game doesn't end with an open world in which you can go back and complete unfinished tasks or find more badges, as you can with other games. But, I'm just glad to have painted my way to the conclusion.

My attention now focuses on Alice: Madness Returns and the steampunk version of Wonderland in which Alice is stuck. It's much more difficult than I thought. Also, I was under the impression that I was halfway through the game, but have since learned that I am almost near the end of Chapter 2 -- of 6 chapters. Maybe I'll finish this one by next Christmas. If worse comes to worst, I can always start Epic Mickey 2....

Image from Console Gaming Reviews.

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