Sunday, December 02, 2012

On a Rainy Sunday Afternoon

There's nothing better on a rainy day then to have a bunch of friends an family over for a little get together. Throw in some good eats, good drinks, some Tupperware, and the fabulous Kay Sedia, and the weekend will be nothing but a huge success.

Forgive the blurriness of the picture, but that kind of beauty is difficult to photograph. We spent a little over an hour with the fashion model from Tijuana, enjoying her demonstrations of different pieces of Tupperware. Though I will now laugh like a 12-year-old at the mention of a "corkscrew". After the presentation, I truly understood why she's one of the top salespersons in the U.S. Not only did we laugh, but many of us oohed and aahed at some of the items -- like the cheese grater with a built-in measuring cup in the handle, or the can opener that doesn't cut into the metal or touch any of the foodstuffs within the can -- and I think almost everyone bought a few pieces. (I know we're getting a few choice items.)

And the mix of people was fantastic -- my Mom and Sister-in-Law finally met Caesar's Sister and Niece, old friends reconnected, and even a blogger buddy made it to the fiesta! I'm not sure why I'm so exhausted -- all we did was set up the tables and food and allowed Kay to work her magic.

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Harper's Keeper said...

Kay Sedia is a great name.