Sunday, November 04, 2012

Those Dancing Feet

Last night, we met with our friend Clark to catch a production of 42nd Street staged by Musical Theatre West. They have a reputation for putting on Broadway-caliber shows, and this latest was no exception.

For those not familiar with the musical -- either on stage or on the big screen -- it tells the story of Peggy Sawyer, fresh from Allentown, PA, and trying to make it into her first Broadway show: Pretty Lady produced by the one and only Julian Marsh. It's a wonderful look into what goes on backstage when trying to put on a show and features great music, with classics like We're in the Money, Lullaby of Broadway, and 42nd Street. And it's definitely a dancer's show.

The opening number is one of the few that has ever caused chills to run up and down my spine: the curtain rises part way to show a solid wall of tap dancing feet as the boys and girls audition for the chorus line. When the curtain rises, it's a dazzling display of tap dancing that leaves you in awe. It's scenes like that that make me wish I had learned how to dance (and act and sing). And the momentum keeps steamrolling as the show continues, not letting the audience rest for a moment.

We enjoyed the entire performance -- the dancing, the singing, the incredible cast. And now, I want to re-watch Ginger Rogers in the original film.....


♫Musique♫ said...

Awesome I'm glad you enjoyed it

Harper's Keeper said...

That show's a classic. So many great songs; Keep Young and Beautiful; I Only Have Eyes For You; Shuffle Off to Buffalo"