Wednesday, November 07, 2012

History Repeating

Yesterday morning, I managed to be the first person in line to vote at my polling station. And it was an exhilarating experience, marking my ballot, watching it zip through the scanner (to electronically record my vote), sticking the sticker on my shirt, and waling out the door to a smattering of applause. Yes, people clapped. Shocked me, too. This marks the second time since reaching voting age that I stepped into a polling station. Before then, it was all absentee, but these last two Presidential election felt too important to not vote in person.

We watched the results last night, and a particular song kept going through my head, so I searched YouTube and found the video for it. Maybe it's apt - maybe it isn't, but I kinda like it.


Erik Rubright said...

I love this song. I had never seen the video before. And it's very apt.

Ur-spo said...

brava !

Harper's Keeper said...

I had never seen the video before either. How wonderful! I have loved her voice for decades

I am glad you had a positive experience as the first voter. I work at the polling place. The polls opened at 6:00 AM but there was a small line when I got there at 5:30. I am not sure which one was officially first but a couple were cranky they had to actually wait until 6:00 to cast their ballot.

We had a few first-time voters throughout the day though and that was exciting.

Jess said...

Same for me. Love the song, hadn't seen the video! Thanks for posting it!