Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Kink Is in the Heel

Kinky Boots was a fun show. It stuck fairly faithfully to the movie, changing some minor items such as the arm wrestling match (which works wonderfully as a boxing match on stage). The entire cast performed Cyndi  Lauper's music beautifully, especially Kyle Taylor Parker as Lola. His best numbers -- and probably the best songs of the shiw -- were "Hold Me in Your Heart" and "Not My Father's Son".

I didn't like the attempts at various British accents, which sounded more nasally than I think they intended. And the finale song, while good, lacked the oomph I remember from the movie.

That didn't take away from the fun of the show. In fact, I think I know what to get my Dad for Christmas...tickets, not boots.

Sunday, November 23, 2014



So I made a little error with the dates for "Kinky Boots". We're seeing it tonight at 6:30 instead of last night. See what happens when you don't look at the tickets you bought three months ago?

The extra time allowed us to stay later at Caesar's parents' borthday party, featuring a taco truck and live mariachi misic. And all the kids.... The best part was watching his Mom sing and dance along with the music. With her Alzheimer's we never know how she will react to things, so last night was wonderful. Everyone commented on how happy she looked. (It may have been because of the enormous red flower in her hair, too.) And after the band left, we ate cake while sitting around the fire, telling stories and jokes and keeping an eye in the USC vs. UCLA score.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

iTunes Saturday -- Kinky

Tonight, we attend a performance of Kinky Boots at the Pantages. Though I don't have any tracks from the show shuffling through my iTunes, I do have another Cyndi Lauper song. But you need to hop into your WABAC machine since it's from 1980. From Blue Angel, here's their cover of Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil's Gonna Be Strong:

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I kept coming back to this over the past few weeks and finally decided to cut myself off from Twitter. At first, Twitter seemed like the cool thing to do, but the longer I used it, the more I felt that it was nothing more than a news aggregator. Tweet after tweet of links to news stories or crazy cat videos or this will blow your mind messages, but not a lot of personal content...unless you happened to be a celebrity posting an uninhibited response to a news story or video. I responded to a tweet or two, thinking it would be a conversation, but with no response from the original tweeters, my responses felt more like comments. And I can do that on a blog. Or Facebook.

So I deleted my account.

And nothing extraordinary happened. Well, except for no longer wasting my time reading the rapidly posted links. Though I do still love a good cat video.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Itunes Saturday - Night Like This

I always check out the Free Song provided by iTunes. I listen to the first bars and most of the time, stop there and pass on the offer. Occasionally, a certain song piques my interest, and I hear the entire snippet and eventually download the song. I've managed to find some great tunes, like Running for Cover from Ivan & Alyosha, Pumping Blood from NONONO, and this tune that appeared a few weeks ago from LP, Night Like This:

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Quickie Book Review: Betrayed by Rita Hayworth

by Manuel Puig

Normally, my quickie reviews begin with a quickie synopsis of the story, but for Betrayed by Rita Hayworth, I must admit to not knowing quite what the story is about. A young boy named Toto features in almost every chapter, and he's fond of the movies, spending hours in the darkened theater in Vallejos with his mother or trying to convince others to go with him. The boys at his school pick on him, but he doesn't let that bother him, instead focusing on his schoolwork so that he can spend his free time at the movies or poring over the flash cards that his mother Mita created for the films.

Most of the chapters present a cacophony of conversations, with characters talking over one another. It took some practice to figure out when conversations switched from one group to another, but at times, I felt like a fly on the kitchen wall, listening in as the aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, husbands, and wives gossiped about Mita leaving La Plata with the handsome Berto who resembled a famous movie start. Even the chapters which spoke from a single character's point of view managed to create that frenetic atmosphere of multiple conversations and ideas occurring at the same time.

And yet, I'm still not quite sure what the story was about. I enjoyed reading it for the challenge of understanding the chapters, but for my tastes, something was missing.

Betrayed by Rita Hayworth
by Manuel Puig
Dalkey Archive Press
trade paperback, 222 pgs.

Monday, November 10, 2014


To some, this royal red cape may look familiar. That's because Cinderlla wore it at the beginning of the second act of Into the Woods, and last night we were fortunate enough to attend the reunion of not only the original cast members from the show --Bernadette Peters, Joanna Gleason, Chip Zien, Kim Crosby, Robert Westenberg, Danielle Ferland, and Ben Wright -- but also James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim. For two hours, we enjoyed listening to them discuss the creation of the show and the characters, heard many of the great songs that I fondly remember, and enjoyed a great evening. It's not often that you get to hear the original performers singing their songs from over 25 years ago. And their voices haven't changed, which was a pleasant surprise. I've been listening to the soundtrack again, too, and now want to see the show again.